SaaS ideas and market

28. August 2016 geschrieben von   Freigegeben in software as a service saas

Finding SaaS ideas and market entry - What are SaaS chances today? The untapped opportunities like Enterprise Apps

Module 8 with the title "SaaS ideas and market entry" closes the online seminar. We switch back to the macro level of SaaS asking the questions: Where are chances with SaaS today, what about capital needs, is mobile SaaS the next thing – just to name three topics from the content of this module. Also SaaS as deployment model for existing IT companies is included.

Content of the module includes:
The current market situation of SaaS
Where are the opportunities
Hot issues (examples):
vertical SaaS
Merging Platforms and SaaS
Funding issues & capital requirements

Sources/articles to read:

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